School 2 Work Programme

Our comprehensive School to Work Transition program empowers adults with Down syndrome to confidently navigate the journey towards meaningful employment. We achieve this through a three-phase approach, meticulously tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

Phase 1: Skills Training: We kickstart the program by honing essential job-ready skills. This includes practical training in areas like communication, time management, teamwork, and financial literacy. We also incorporate specific job training based on interests and potential career paths, whether it’s mastering coffee-making for a barista role or navigating inventory software for a retail position.

Phase 2: Job Sampling: To bridge the gap between theory and practice, we offer immersive job shadowing experiences. Participants spend time observing and assisting professionals in a variety of potential workplaces, gaining firsthand insight into different work environments and daily tasks. This allows them to discover their strengths and preferences, while building confidence and valuable on-the-job skills.

Phase 3: Job Placement: We don’t simply leave you at the doorstep of employment. Our dedicated case managers actively collaborate with local businesses and organizations to secure job placements aligned with individual skills and interests. We provide ongoing support throughout the initial stages of employment, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into the workforce.

Beyond technical skills, our program fosters self-advocacy and communication skills, empowering individuals with Down syndrome to confidently express their needs and navigate workplace challenges. By fostering inclusive work environments and promoting community awareness, we strive to dismantle barriers and create a world where everyone can thrive in a fulfilling career.

In essence, our School to Work Transition program is not just about securing jobs, it’s about creating independent, empowered individuals with Down syndrome, ready to contribute their unique talents and perspectives to the workforce.

The Sport club is a popular group that facilitates opportunities for children with Down syndrome to participate in sport.

Currently the sport club is active in athletics with participation on metro and provincial level opening doors to national and even international games.